Extreme Close Combat Shooting

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Total Course Time: 7.1 Hours

Key concepts covered include:

  • How to avoid your opponent grabbing your weapon and using it against you.
  • Dramatically slash your time to fire your weapon with this quick and easy draw technique.
  • Here’s why you constantly shoot to the inside of your target (and the simple hand position adjustment that quickly makes you an accurate shooter)
  • Firearms…good or bad > Situations where firearms become your worst enemy.
  • The little-known secret of close combat second hand control (how to raise your second, non-weapon, hand – how to use it as a simultaneous weapon.
  • Rapid-fire drills for kinetic trigger mastery.
  • Why target shooting at the range on paper targets can work against you.
  • Extreme close shooting: what to use when you have no time to draw your weapon.
  • And much more!
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